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Shh no. I could never hate you, I love you, you’re awesome. I understand that work get’s crazy, and work does come first before rp it’s totally fine. An independent Trish account would be nice since there is no limits for when you can get on.

Aww, I love you too. <3 I created one today. —->

So if you ever jump into the indy scene, let me know. I could write out a whole verse for Chris/Trish if you want to continue them or we could start fresh. Either way’s cool with me. :)

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Long time no see? :/ 

2 months. Didn’t realize it had been that long, to be honest. Not that I didn’t miss being here. Work’s a bitch. Which was one of the main reasons for my forever long absence. Another reason…, the few times I lurked, it kind of depressed me. Seeing so many people gone. People that I’ve adored since the beginning, disappear. I don’t blame you guys though whatsoever. I’ve slipped on the admin duties since I got my job. And you know…like all good things…there has to be an end at some point. So I guess this is it. I’m sorry for not being a grown up and coming on here to make an announcement. I should have. My pride just got in the way. I figured that if I didn’t say it was over, I could act like it wasn’t. But it’s time to face the truth. 

Before I end this post though I want to say thank you to everyone that kept this group going. I’ve had so much fun. This was the first group since the forum based one I joined five years ago that I completely fell in love with. I legit would spend hours on this account laughing my ass off either rping conversations or just reading them on the dash. You guys have been amazing. I’m sorry for having to end it on this note, but I hope to one day rp with you guys again. Maybe not here but somewhere else.

I’ve been sort of thinking about starting an independent account for Trish, to hop onto when work isn’t as hectic. Of course, I’ll post it here when/if I do. That way some of Trish’s relationships here could continue there if you guys want. But I totally understand if you all decide to hate me for life. :(

So…yeah, that’s it. Thanks again for everything. Your dedication. The amazing roleplaying. And everything in between. Love you, goodbye for now. <3

-Katie. (Admin of WWE Inside Out)

P.S: You can find me -@crazyrkofan on twitter and if you want to get in contact/chat.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Got the kids boxes of chocolate and stuffed animals. Also got them for Trish too, but I went Jared and got a little extra something for Trish

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Oh my god. *squeals* This is so beautiful, thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. I love you.

And my gift to you…well…you’ll be getting it after the little kiddies are tucked into their beds. ;)

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Well another to match that glorious one John gave her. ha. 


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ooc: Heading off now.

I will be on again tomorrow though. Good night! :)

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Remember The Past - Jay/Trish


You are special Trish, you always have been.” Concludes the Canadian blond, smiling at her friend and began to eat the food on the table. The tag-team match goes to great levels, until it reaches the conclusion by combining GTS / Running Knee against Harper and win the match CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Christian celebrates their victory while you hear the "YES" to the public. Great match!”

"Thanks, Jay, I feel the same way about you." Trish said with sincerity in her voice, before turning her head back to the screen. For the next few minutes her eyes were focused on nothing else besides the match. Momentarily, she thought The Wyatt Family were going to find a burst of adrenaline towards the end and win, but was pleasantly surprised with how Punk and Bryan finished them off. "1, 2, 3! Wooo!" She exclaimed after the fan favorites got the victory. In the mood to celebrate, Trish reached forward to take a piece of cheese pizza. "What a great match, indeed. Those guys are incredible."

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